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Bridal shower recipe cards - how to word with invites?

I am hosting a bridal shower for my friend and am sending out recipe cards with the invitations. I wanted to add a little instruction note for the recipe card. Does anyone have a cute saying or wording for how to handle this?  TIA!
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Re: Bridal shower recipe cards - how to word with invites?

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    Copied from the internets: Enclosed for you is a recipe card.To fill it in shouldn't be hard.(Bride's name) might like to try your favorite cake,or whatever it is you like to make.So don't forget this card on this special date.Fill it in now, don't hesitate.At the shower will be a recipe box to fill.So bring this recipe card, if you will.  
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    How about "Please share your favorite recipe with the Bride-To-Be"? Short, sweet, to the point, and not a poh-wem.
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    Also, Help Feed (Groom's Name)!Please write your favorite recipe on the card.Bring the card to the shower.
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    ITA with georgia.  Just say "Please fill out the enclosed card with your favorite recipe for the bride and return it to X by Y date."
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    Write the best recipe from your kitchen to help the bride and groom in their kitchen
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    "If you don't write a good recipe on this card, the groom will starve"
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    I've had this done for me and done this shower two  times, all by mail with a poem similar to the one the first poster gave you.  I am getting ready to do it a third time via e-mail for my youngest cousin.  I don't have the poem I used handy, but I think it combined a couple of the ones you can google and find online, then had a couple of verses at the end that were personalized for the couple (one line with the couple's names then a line about becoming cooks that would rhyme with their names). All three couples were young and just starting their homes, so the recipe cards came in handy.  I picked out boxes and cards that coordinated either with their china or their kitchen colors and what I knew of their tastes/how they were decorating their kitchens.  I also included at least one package of blank recipe cards and dividers.The one that was thrown for me; the recipes were put into a photo album - the kind that holds 4x6 photos, 2 to a page. That was pretty cool. One of the few wedding related things I've kept from my first marriage.The last time I was at my brother/SIL's house, I looked up at the top of their fridge, and there was the recipe box :) One thing we're (my mom and I) doing this time is we are just asking people to send us their recipes and we'll put them on cards.  We're doing it by email - my cousin gave us email addresses for everyone. 
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    Join us in celebrating _____________

    As we start her first recipe book

    Fill out the recipe card inside

    Pass your favorite on to the bride!

    There will be a box to fill

    So bring this card, if you will!

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