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Do I tip the semstress???

I picked up my dress tonight and wasn't sure.  I didn't even think of it until I wrote the check....  thoughts? 

Re: Do I tip the semstress???

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    I didn't because she owns her own business and does it out of her home.
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    That's a good question and never thought about it....  I got my dress from DB, so I will have them make alterations, do I need to tip that person???
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    I'm not, since my seamstress has her own business and is running it out of her home too.
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    I didn't, but my seasmtress did a really crappy job, and in fact argued with me over how to alter my dress.  I spent the entire wedding pulling it up so my boobs weren't hanging out because she didn't do it the way I asked her to.
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