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How much will your bachelorette party cost?

Hello my fellow brides-to-be!

I am thinking about my bachelorette party this coming May and was wondering if anyone else has any idea how much their party is going to cost, including dinner/drinks/clubs/drag shows/whatever you have planned?  I would love to eat at a nice restaurant and then go clubbing with my friends but want to be conscientious about what we spend.  Is $200 a normal amount?  $300?  Is that too high?  If you've ever been to a bachelorette party in NYC, I'd be interested to hear how much you spent.

Thanks very much!

Re: How much will your bachelorette party cost?

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but it is considered bad etiquette to plan your own bachelorette party, which from your post I get the impression you might be doing. Your friends are supposed to plan it for you, if they choose to throw you one. They will plan something that they are comfortable with financially.
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    I don't know, because I didn't plan my bach party, my BMs did.  As agk said, it's very poor etiquette to plan your own.  All I did was let them know I was free the date they wanted and picked a favorite option when my BM asked me to. 
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    Ditto; tell your MOH, bm, friend the price you want to keep things at and that person should do the rest.  I recently sent my MOH the names of those I wanted invited and the dates I was free, everything else will be up to her but she knows about dietary issues, certain guests' needs, etc.
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