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    heels, that sucks your friend behaved that way and begged to bring a date, which i agree is not good manners.  i also agree with you on the point that i would never EXPECT or feel ENTITLED to bring a date to a wedding, in the same sense that i wouldn't expect anyone to pay for anything of me.  it is certainly the brides/grooms decision who to invite, how to spend their money, etc.but i still think the "fling of the week" mentality is insulting and DOES show a lack of understanding.  for example - just because your friend broke up with her guy a few days after her wedding doesn't mean she wasn't very happy to have a date for that night of your wedding.  why is it only ok to bring a date if it's someone she will be with for a long time, and you approve?  even the fact that you wouldn't make a decision about letting her bring a date until you saw if she was dating someone seriously or not, i think in itself is kind of judgemental.  (i'm not trying to be mean or offend you... just offering my opinion).  i just think that part sucks... but it's DEFINITELY your guys prerogative to invite whoever you want and i respect that.honestly, i was just offering a different opinion, and not trying to personaly attack anyone.  tide your comment was really hurtful for me to leave.  i have never attacked anyone on here.  i forgot her name, but the girl who is 22, i am not attacking.  it is true that she is young, and getting married at 22 means she will not have a lot of experience being a single adult.  that's not an attack or insult, just true.  it would be true to say of me "you dont know what its like to get married."  not an insult either, just a fact, and all i was doing is offering another viewpoint.
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    Kinsey, I'm not speaking for heels but if I had to budget, I'd begin to judge based on whether or not the friend was in a social unit.  The wedding reception is not a prom.  Yes it's a lovey dovey event but that's not the entire aspect of it.  It's about thanking your friends for being there for you and that means inviting people by social unit.If you're not in a couple and you'd just be 'getting a date' then that doesn't fit the social unit category.  If you get upset that you're not invited with a plus one, remember that it's not the bride and groom not understanding what it's like to be single.  It can also mean the bride and groom understanding what it's like to plan a wedding on a budget that they want to be about a fun social function and not a high school dance where you need to be paired with someone else in order to have a good time. 
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