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Hello, an easy one this time.  The wedding is June 5, 2010.  What date should I put on the RSVPs?  I'm thinking May 5th, which would be one month out because there are going to be ones that will 'take their time' getting them returned to us.  Is that enough time or too soon?

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    When do you need a firm head count RSVP date is 2 weeks pre headcount date
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    a month out should be fine.
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    We need our 'final count' a week out.  Of course we have 2 families FULL of 'procrastinators' who love to wait till the last possible minute  so I'm also allowing for having to call those who haven't replied yet.Keeping that in mind, 4 weeks/1 month out (May 5, 2010) isn't too early?
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    Oh, forgot to mention, we're 'planning to' have the invites in the mail no later than April 5th. Thanks for the help!  I was wondering if I was being crazy for asking for replys that early.  The invites (finding addresses & addressing envelopes) was the only part of the entire thing I was dreading, I think it's going to be easier than I had feared :)
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    I think May 5th is a bit early, but it's not a huge deal. If it were me I'd do the 12th instead.
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    As long as you can get them out to people early enough (April 5 is fine), you'll be good to go. People aren't going to forget in a 4-6 week time span that they RSVPed "Yes" to a wedding.
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