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    My FI will use the same towel forever, too.  It's gross.  One time he had it on the bed and I smelled it and almost died. 
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    Yeah, I became a not-a-clean-towel-everyday person when I went to college and had to do my own laundry (and pay for it). Even now, we rent. We have a duplex, but we have to take the laundry outside and around the back of the house to the basement laundry room. And pay for it. So as long as the towel has been hung up I'm okay with it for a few times.FI will also use whatever towel is handy, which is why I bought 3 nice soft cushy purple bath sheets for me and 3 green ones for him. Before we moved and bought new towels, he had moved in with me in my old apartment and would ask every morning, "Which one is mine?" Hence the color-coding. It's also nice to have extras for when company comes.
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    Toothbrush - absolutely gross.  The ex-H used to use whichever one he wanted, and when I discovered he had used mine I almost threw up.  Ugh.Towels - if it's dry, I'll use one DH has used before.  If its wet, I'll get another.
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