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Post Wedding Brunch and Leaving for the Honeymoon


Re: Post Wedding Brunch and Leaving for the Honeymoon

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    People should understand--you're newlyweds after all! Try and go to as much of the brunch as you can. Maybe move it up half and hour or an hour if you need to so they get a little more time with you.
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    i think as long as you show for as long as you can they will understand.  you have already grand stand for the wedding and your honeymoon was planned already.  GO FOR IT.  it will be other times that you can spend with them when they come to visit. youdon't want to have the hustle and bustle of rearranging your flights etc. it's totally up to you but i would be ready to go!!   the guest should understand. esp for those who are married
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    We're taking the full wedding week off & doing a mini-moon right after our wedding at a theme park down state with all guests invited & then a full honeymoon in February after our vacation time refills at work. Over half of our guests are OOT & we want to spend time with them.
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    We did a next day brunch for my daughter and groom at her request.  At first we did not want to, but in the end I'm glad we did.  We all were so rushed during the wedding that we didn't really get to see much of family, so the next day ended up being very nice and relaxed.  I guess my advice is to wait an extra day to go on your HM, because the wedding can be so rushed.
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