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Hi all,I have a question, FI and I work at the same company.   On the same floor in the same office but in different departments.   Needless to say we know all the same people in the office.   Alot of people at work are aware that we are planning the wedding and have assumed that they will be invited.   Some have gone as far as giving us their addresses!  We have limited ourselves to 2 work guests each and 1 couple that we go out with from the office because any more and things would get out of hand.   So my question is this, how do I politely tell these people no?   I dont want any hurt feelings but we cant invite the whole office!

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    Limit yourselves to 0 work guests each and save yourselves the trouble... And no one's feelings can get too hurt that way either :)
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    i really would stick to ONLY the couple you go out with outside of work, and ask them not to tell the rest of the office that they are invited.
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    It's hard and it's frustrating when people put you in that situation.  Like Sooles said, I might only invite the couple you hang out with outside of work and ask that they don't tell anyone else they are invited.  Nobody's feelings will get hurt and you don't look like you're playing favorites.I feel your pain though, my fi is a police officer and instead of inviting a few people he's basically inviting his entire squad to avoid the hell they gave his coworker that was recently married.  Annoying!  Good luck!
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    Only invite the one couple that actually socialize with outside of work.  Don't invite any other coworkers, otherwise you'll be picking and choosing and hurting feelings.  Work is work, a wedding is a personal event.  You aren't obligated to invite co-workers to your personal event.  Just explain that due to budget and space, you can invite everyone you wish you could and  you hope they understand.
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    do you talk about the wedding to them? If so, stop as much as possible. I haven't decided if I'm inviting ANY of my coworkers so I say as little as humanly possible about the wedding. If someone asks how the wedding planning's going, I just say it's coming along. If you're talking to them about the wedding a lot (even if they're initiating it) you're going to have a lot of people who assume they're invited because you're "including" them in wedding conversations.
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