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Addressing Save the Dates

Hi,I'm getting ready to send out save the dates and just sat down to start addressing them and realized I do not know the proper etiquette for doing so. Do I address it to the formal names or the informal names? For example, "Mr and Mrs James Smith" versus "Jim and Susie Smith"?It seems that STDs are more informal, so I was thinking the informal names might be better.And then if it's one of my single girlfriends who're getting a "plus one" should I address it to "Miss Petunia Grace" or "Miss Petunia Grace and Guest"??I'm sending STDs out because we're having the wedding in my home town -- 13 hours from where we (and my FI's family) live. I have a wedding website with accomodations and tourism info for those who may want to make a vacation out of it.

Re: Addressing Save the Dates

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    I think that you can address STDs either formally or informally. As for the "+1" thing, I wouldn't address them as "and guest" on the envelope. If your friend has a serious boyfriend/girlfriend, then include their actual name on the STD when you address it. Or you could write a note on the inside saying something like "hoping that you and XXX can join us a the wedding" could write a note indicating that a guest is invited also on the STD. Just my preference though, I don't think it's a big deal either way.
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    I just did the envelopes for the STDs on my list. We are doing photo Xmas cards with a STD magnet and website card enclosed. I also felt this is more informal, and addressed them as I normally would their Xmas cards.  But will do more formal for invites obviously. So Ken & Jane Smith for Xmas card/STD and Mr. & Mrs. Ken Smith for invite. Also I did one Xmas card/STD per family where for the invites, people may get multiple invites at same address for adult children etc who may live with them. So I may send Xmas/STD to The Smith Family (Ken, Jane and their college age son Joe), but invites will be Mr. & Mrs. Ken Smith and Mr. Joe Smith & Guest.
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