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After months of trying to decide on a wedding date. My fiance decides that he really wants to get married  on January 20th, 2013. Our anniversary is in January, therefore he feels that January is an important month for us.  I really want to have our wedding in a month that is warm. I am not opposed to January 20th, however I am really nervous about inclement weather. I'm confused and I feel like we just took 10 steps forward yet took 15 steps backwards. Any suggestions? Help!

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    Snow is a big risk you would have to take in January.  Have you considered a destination wedding? Or perhaps one in a botanical garden?  I know weather would still be a concern then, but at least it could feel more like spring weather. 

    I feel like with your reservations you may need to discuss things further, wedding planning is stressful enough without being unhappy about your wedding season.
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    Weather is a big concern for those who have a lot of out of town guests.  If that's the case then you should definitely bring up your concern with your fiance.  However, if most of your guests live close by....I say go for it.  You may get snow or you may not (we did see snow in October so there may not be any in Juanuary).  While I think weather is a concern it shouldn't be the sole reason you choose or don't choose a date.  I also think it's kind of sweet that your fiance is choosing a date he thinks is important.  Just talk it over with your fiance but if it's really important to him I say compromise and hope for the best.  You could choose a day in April and it could end up pouring so you never know.
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