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Help! Can't get refund on my cancelled dress order. what do I do?!

Hello ladies, 

My name is Nyshma and I got myself in a huge problem. 

I went ahead and bought a dress at Kleinfeld Bridal about 2 weeks ago. I confess now it was an impulse buy (I was with my mother and aunt) and I really want to cancel my dress. The problem is that I can only get a transferable store credit on the dress and I fell in love with a dress from a designer they don't carry! D:

Does anyone know what I can do? I already called and they will not reconsider  since I signed the contract when I made the purchase :( 

Anyone willing to trade store credit for a check?! I'm simply making myself sick over this. 

Any other advice?

Re: Help! Can't get refund on my cancelled dress order. what do I do?!

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    can I even give someone store credit for a check?
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    I think you can. I read something somewhere about a bride bought a dress from Kleinfeld's and then her fiance called off the wedding. She cancelled the dress and was able to give or sell her credit to someone else.

    I'm kind of in a similar situation. I went a few weeks ago to a Maria Elena trunk show to look at headpieces. I got caught up in it and ended up buying a $500 headband. And then they make you initial by the point in the contract that says no refunds. It was such an impulse buy. The very next day I was like, "Aw damn, what did I do?" and now I'm stuck with it.

    Another option is that you can have the dress completed (but not altered) and sell it online through or
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