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The Bell House?

Has anyone had, or having their wedding at the Bell House in Gowanus?  It is a really nice space and pretty cheap, but it does not have a kitchen.  Any advice?

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    i LOVE the bell house for concerts--it's such a great space. regarding the kitchen, do you have a caterer in mind? you could do a "floating dinner" where there's basically tons of appetizers and people eat themselves silly, but there's no plated meal. that's more like buffet where they would cook the food beforehand and put it out in steam trays with sternos, and plenty of things would be room temperature. the Raging Skillet does a lot of events like that. you'd just have to make sure you hire a caterer that has a big enough kitchen of their own to do all the prep. i would bet that the bell house has a caterer or 2 who know the space well and know how it works. if you hire an event planner, i'd recommend Always A Bridesmaid, since they specialize in raw spaces. GL!

    and i'm curious to know if they have lowered their was $15,000 space rental when i last checked. if it's lower i might use them for something else.
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    ravenmad007ravenmad007 member
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    we are planning on having a daytime wedding on a saturday and you get the entire building, front  bar and back performance space, 5 hour premium open bar, 3 bartenders, barback, manager, doorperson, and use of their sound system/mics, stereos... and more for $5000.

    i think for the 5 hour open bar it is definitely worth the price, and the space is really nice!
    here is a link to the wedding info:
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    inloveinbkinloveinbk member
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    Did you make a decision?
    I just got engaged, and my fiance really likes the bell house, but I've never been there.  I also am worried about renting tables, etc.  I'm not sure whether or not I'm organized enough!
    We are going to head over there one night this week, just to check it out.  
    Yikes!  I'm feeling overwhelmed already!
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