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Invitation Wording Question

I am getting married on the Cornucopia Princess (a dinner cruise ship) on June 27, 2010.  The ceremony is at 4:45 and the reception starts when the ship sets sail at 5:30 SHARP.  How do I word this on the invitations?

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Re: Invitation Wording Question

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    I'd just focus on the ceremony time, so I'd write ......
    on (whatever day), the twenty-seventh of June
    two thousand and ten 
    at a quarter to five in the evening.

    Guests will probably come a bit early, which is usual, and there's plenty of time from the ceremony to the sail time for late comers.  You may want to include an insert that indicates anyone that the ship will sail at exact 5:30pm and to be on time.

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    That is the problem I'm having, letting them know that they MUST be on the ship by 5:30.
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    I'd use an insert card; if you put too much info on the invite itself, it will create some confusion.  Also, if you have a wedding website, be sure it clearly indicates that the ship, literally, will sail at 5:30pm and for those running late, failure to get to the ship before 5:30pm will result in no reception.

    That's really the best way to go about it.  Also, be sure word of mouth gets around that it's a cruise and it *always* leaves on time.
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