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Well, that's guaranteed to make you feel fat.

H and I are staying the weekend in a different city, just to get away for a bit.  I was so excited to wear my new slim crop pants from Gap, and I was in our hotel room (after having walked around and met/talked with people when we dropped Lucy off) with the crotch seam having just... come apart. 

Thanks Gap.  Thanks.

So, we did an emergency story search (since I was trying to pack light and wear the same pants tomorrow) so I could NOT walk around with my crotch hanging out. The first store I went to, I was TOO BIG for a size 8 (US).  Then I realized that I was flashing everyone out of the side of my blouse, as it will apparently not button over my bigger boobs. Not that they're bigger for any reason other than me having gained 15lbs in the past year.

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