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I recently got engaged : ) and was thinking of having a NYC wedding. After starting my initial research into venues it dawned upon me about the parking situation. I will have people venturing into Manhattan from suburbia and wondered do I need to pay for their parking? If the venue itself doesn't have parking (or even if it does) is that my responsibility? If I do need to pay for parking, NYC might be out of the question. Thoughts, comments, critiques? Let me know! Thanks in advance! 

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    I'm diong my wedding at Battery Gardens and they will provide valet parking for a price.  I opted to do it, simply because i have people from LI driving in.
    Anyone staying at a hotel though has to pay on their own.

    I would think any venue that doesn't have parking avail (I bet Battery Gardens is one of the few), has a parking garage close by that can be used, but at the guest cost.

    Hope that helps!
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    I don't think any of your guests will be expecting you to pick up their parking tab!

    I'm sure even your "suburbanites" have ventured into the city at some point for a play, musical event or dinner and they must know the parking costs.

    You do not have to shell out $40+ for each to park


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    Thanks for the quick feedback! Your comments are extremely helpful : )
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