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BMs question

Hi Ladies,

Is there anything special I should be doing for or with my BMs during the months before the wedding? We did go together to look at the venue FI and I chose, and they helped me pick the dress. But, in the last two months i have been busy with finals, wrapping up the year at work, and moving to a different town. Other than researching bands and hotels, I have not been doing much planning (I have not even gone out to meet with any bands yet)...

Am I being rude or ignorant toward my BMs? I have not had time to hang out too much with them, I want to change that starting New Year. But, is there anything else I should be doing? I mean, they are friends, we chat, I know how they are doing... any wedding related stuff I should do?

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    No, actually the less wedding related stuff the better. They're already kind of overloaded with wedding stuff just by picking out their dresses and attending any prewedding parties if they can or if you're having any, I promise they won't be upset if you don't consult them when picking out programs.

    However, do try to hang out with them on non-wedding-related occasions though. I mean wedding stuff is bound to come up sometimes, so they'll stay updated even if you don't do anything specific. Just hang out with them like you normally would!
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    Wedding related? Nope. 
    They were friends long before they were BMs and will be after the wedding so just "do" like you would on any random day.
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    Just be their friend and do what you would do if you weren't getting married.
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    You had better get on the stick and book your band!
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    I say get them drunk and go get tattoos.

    (or maybe that's just what I wish someone would do for me...the lines are very blurry in my head)
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:2ca91b6c-8ec8-4768-9271-d61205a6e92bPost:53ec6500-b078-44f0-9074-a8e58384a2d5">Re: BMs question</a>:
    [QUOTE]You had better get on the stick and book your band!
    Posted by ootmother2[/QUOTE]

    You bet, I have to do that. Luckily we just moved to the town where the wedding will be so I expect to have no excuses for not going out to meet bands and finally deciding on one. (or i am naive...)
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    crfische... I love the new margharita evolution :)

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