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Same color - different styles

I am looking for a black dress for my bridemaids but all of their  body types are different.  I know that David's Bridal offers the same material and color dress in different styles.  Does anyone know any other brands that does this?  Thank you!!!!!

Re: Same color - different styles

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    basically every bridesmaids line offers different dresses made out of the same fabric and color! no need to restrict yourself to the horror that is David's, especially since you are in NYC so have plenty of bridal shops around.

    look at photos of bridesmaids dresses on this site and that will give you an idea of what's out there. some of the other lines with lots of dresses are Bill Levkoff, Jim Hjelm, Lazaro, Alvina Valenta...there are soooo many.

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    My bridesmaids got their dresses at Priscella of Boston and they choose 3 different styles; same fabric/color.

    Great service and quality.

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    Check out

    Your maids can wear them any way they want and they will definitely be able to wear them again Smile
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