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April 2012 Weddings


Okay So we are getting married in April. Next month court house then dinner and hotel. Later in the fall a reception. Do I ask my sister and her husband to stand up for us'? Do I ask my parents to come? Dinner? Hotel? Please help I don't even have a dress yet

Re: Help

  • Buy a dress off the rack.  There are places that are consignment shops and need only hemming.  I got mine at a place like this and it was new, just a sample in very good shape.  Much cheaper.  Go ahead and ask your sis and hubby to stand up for you.  If you think your parents would like to come, ask them.  Parents go to things even if there's a reception later.  And probably dinner for the six of you wouldn't run too much.  Maybe have someone bring a camera and take some pics.  That day will never come again.
  • Ask whoever you wish to stand up for you at your courthouse ceremony. It would also be really nice of you and your FI/new H to take your family out to dinner afterwards. 

    I'm not really sure what you mean about hotel. 

    Ditto PP about getting a nice white dress off of the rack, and making sure you take some pictures at the ceremony. 

    As for the "reception" in the fall, I would just try to keep it more like a super awesome party and remember that you are already married. I would suggest skipping first dances, cake cutting, tosses, etc. 
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