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Hi All,

This is my first post. I need help! I've got like 50 people coming in from California and am looking for affordable places to stay. Any suggestions for great hotel deals, vacation rentals, sublets etc.? I want to make this experience as affordable for my family as possible, and they would like to come to NYC for the week. As long as it's near a train, I'm sure they can figure out how to get around.


Re: NYC affordable accommodations for a large group

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    You need to let us know time of year, and area of manhattan. 
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    sorry! i'm getting married on april 9th at the foundry in LIC, but am open to accommodations anywhere with train access. affordability is key! thanks
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    Since your wedding is in Queens, I'd try hotels there. It's not hard at all to get into Manhattan from Queens if your family wants to make a trip of it and do some sightseeing. Plenty of Long Island City hotels thanks to LaGuardia. See if you can get a rate for blocking rooms. Good luck!
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    I have a hotel block in LIC at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View.. The rates are under $200 per night
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    I think I remember the Roger Wilshire being really affordable and surprisingly modern and tasteful in decor close to midtown if anyone really wants to be in Manhattan.
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