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Can I invite only our nieces and nephews and not all kids?

We are having a thinking we want a small wedding of about 40 people.  Is it acceptable to say that only our neices and nephews (at total of 10) are invited to the wedding and not invite our friends children?
Definitely on a budget and without kids.

Re: Can I invite only our nieces and nephews and not all kids?

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    Yep, family only kids is fine.
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    that's what we're doing.....
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    blush64blush64 member
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    I think it's fine. I am only inviting my nieces and nephews. The children of my cousins and my friends will not be invited. (except those under 1year old, then it's the parent's choice)
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    Yep. A lot of people do family only kids or only kids in the WP. You're good!
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    Thank you so much for asking this question. We were wrestling with it ourselves. Of course our problem is we only want kids from one side of the family... :) but of course to be polite we'll invite both.
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