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Does anyone here have any information on handfasting ceremonies? i am love the symbolism of tying the cords and would like to incorporate handfasting into m ceremony, i am just having a hard time finding any information on it. Any help would be wonderful. TIA!

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  • I too am thinking of having a handfasting as part of our ceremony, I am irish/scottish and he is scottish/welch. This traditionally was something that was done as a "trial run" so to speak for couples who wished to be wed. They would tie their hands together for a year and a day and at the end of that time, if they still wanted to be together, then they allowed the marriage. Try this website: I just did an internet search for handfasting ceremonies.
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  • In my VERY old (3 years, or more! ) bio, under pictures, you'll see a picture of the parchment (you can make it bigger so you can read it) that our ceremony is written on.  We keep it in a box with our cord and the candles we used during the ceremony. 
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