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Mind if I vomit on this page?


Re: Mind if I vomit on this page?

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    [QUOTE]I s'pose I see worse things everyday at my job (at a family homeless shelter, fyi, where people disappear into the night because the cops finally caught up with them/they relapsed on meth/CPS took their kids/they beat the sh*t out of their spouse) so this just rubs me the wrong way- <strong>just smoking while pregnant? just  on welfare? What's the big deal?</strong> So yes, Megbo, I do actually think it is helpful when people put things in perspective. Isn't that the point of half these conversations on these boards? A reality check?  OP, like I said before, they need your support now. Feel free to "I told you so" if  they fail, but don't go into it with such a bad attitude, even if you don't support "living off welfare and reproducing without a brain."
    Posted by meg65[/QUOTE]
    Seriously? Sometimes these responses baffle the hell out of me. Obviously it is a big deal... which is why she's posting. It would be a big deal to me as well.
    And obviously things <em>could </em>be a lot worse for anyone anywhere... that's not the point. I happen to think people that smoke while pregnant should be fixed and not allowed to reproduce. It's really not fair that these kinds of humans can have kids while other that are deserving and would actually take care of their babies/children can't.

    OP good luck with your situation and just try to be supportive of your sister and the new baby:) (like you said you were going to anyway.)
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