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Am I right to be annoyed? Save the date question

Hi, I don't post much, but I have a question about save the date / invitation timing.

I just received a save the date in the mail today, for a destination wedding that is taking place mid-June 2011...! And it says 'invitation to follow'. Ok. My question is, shouldn't save the dates have been sent a little earlier than 2.5 months before the wedding, especially if it's a DW? (and I'm talking like the couple lives in England (so do I) and the wedding is in South Africa) Isn't 2.5 months before the wedding about the time the actual invitations should be sent out?

I was really excited when my friend asked for my current address for this purpose, so I'm pretty annoyed that there's absolutely no way I'll be able to attend, given such short notice. I guess I will just have to RSVP 'no' when the invitation comes, but it's really disapppointing, and I feel it's a bit rude to expect people to be able to come at such short notice. Am I overreacting? Thanks for reading.
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