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Usher gifts?

I am planning on giving my bridesmaids and groomsmen their gifts at the rehersal dinner. Am I supposed to get gifts for the ushers too? If so what is appropriate to get them? We are getting the groomsmen pocket knives.  Thanks for the help everybody!

Re: Usher gifts?

  • Well, you should get gifts for the ushers because they're part of your wedding party, are doing a job, and might be renting tuxes.  Not because "they'll be there too."

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  • Ditto J&K. 

    Think about what they'd like.  If a pocket knife is what they'd like then go with that.  If you think they'd like something different then that's fine too.  Think about them and not the occasion.
  • Yep. We had ushers and since they were H's friends, he was in charge of getting gifts for them. We gave them their presents the same time we handed out gifts to the BMs and GMs.

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  • Ye, I had this come up just now too.  I got them a little something less then the groomsmen.  I figure, I wont have them in the exact outfit as the groomsmen, so I went with a Tie for the tux they are wearing.  Just a fun idea to make them look like they go together, and give them something to use during the wedding.
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