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Cook's champagne/sparkling wine

Sooo.... is Cook's nice enough for a wedding reception? I noticed that it's $12 for 2 1.5 liter (aka big ass) bottles at Costco. I personally love most sparkling wine, but would it look cheap, ya think? It's not just for the toasts, it will be offered as a wine option.

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Re: Cook's champagne/sparkling wine

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    ha, I agree!
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  • I bought a few splits of champagne to try, because I want to take some in the limo. We ended up with a 4 pack of Cook's because my FI said, "Hey! These are 4 for $9!" I haven't tried any of the splits yet, though, so that's all I got. Oh, except my friend came over and when I explained what we were doing she said, "Uh, I love how you have Cooks." 

    Seriously, though, people won't mind either way. Especially if they don't see the brand/label.
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  • I'm going to disagree with everyone here.  The last time I had Cooks, I remember thinking it tasted like an old sock.

    I'm much more of a fan of getting a cheap Asti Spumante.  I find it inherently more drinkable and very cheap.
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    [QUOTE] I'm much more of a fan of getting a cheap Asti Spumante. 
    Posted by mica178[/QUOTE]

    <div>This!  I actually like asti grande spumante.  It's sweeter and doesn't have that gross bitter taste that cook's has.</div><div>
    </div><div>But to answer your question, I wouldn't think less of you if I saw Cooks bottles sitting out at your wedding.  </div>
  • So, my personal opinion is that I hate Cook's even though I love champagne because it tastes like beer.  It is just way too cheap tasting in my opinion.

    However, if I went to a wedding where it was free, I would not complain because free is free.  Pay for what you can afford.  That said, if you can afford better, I would definitely upgrade.  
  • Also, I agree with Micah. Asti Spumanti is soo much better.  
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    Yeah, I agree with Mica - I can't stand Cook's.  I just saw your post on the September board - that's my club as well - and I'm in the Sac area too.  We're getting the Domaine Ste. Michelle sparkling wine from Trader Joe's.  It's $7.99/bottle there, but sometimes it also goes on sale for the same price at Raley's, and then you can get 10% off for a 6+ bottle purchase. 

    If you were only buying it for a toast, I'd say don't worry about it, but if it's going to be one of the wine options, I'd upgrade. 

    Anyway, that's my two cents. 
  • Get some Chandon.  We LOVE the rose and you can find it on sale for like $12.99 at the grocery store.  Even the non-wine drinkers were digging it.

    The Blanc and Brut are on sale now at BevMo, but I really have seen better prices at Albertsons.

    I don't like Cooks at all and Asti Spumante is usually a recipe for a headache.  For a toast, it works, but as a dinner beverage, it's too sweet.  IMHO.

    If you can't afford to get a nice drinking champagne, then skip and just get a toasting champagne that fits your budget.  You may also consider a slightly dry sparkling Riesling.
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  • I think that stuff is just nasty-- one taste and I would be heading for the other options. There are other cheap options (prosecco, local sparkling wines) that should be cheap and also drinkable.
  • Agree with Smokey. She learned all her alcohol knowledge from me, errr, or visa versa.
  • I can't stand cook's.  Yech.  Sorry.  We had Rosa Regale for our wedding - it's a red sparkling Italian wine, and it's awesome.  It's pricier ($18/bottle or so), but given how much everybody loved it, totally worth the expense.  If we'd had something half the price that people didn't enjoy, that would have been a waste to me.
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  • Okay, Cook's is out. Thanks!
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