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Help! I need your opinion!
As with everyone, I'm trying to not spend a lot of money on my upcoming wedding. What's the proper etiquette when it comes to Rsvps? Do you include a Rsvp card and prepaid stamped envelope with the invitation, or is it okay to put on the bottom of the invitation for people to call or email their Rsvp and not include a Rsvp card?

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    If your wedding is larger and traditional/formal, I think you should do paper RSVPs. If you are doing paper RSVPs, yes, you should include a stamped envelope. 

    If your wedding is on the small side and more casual, I think phone or website RSVPs are fine. We were going to do this, but keep in mind websites can be glitchy and older guests may not be tech savvy. 
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  • I did email only and printed it on the invitation.  No one had any issues RSVPing.  How formal is your wedding?  It might look at little off to do that for a more formal wedding.
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  • If you have RSVP cards, the proper etiquette is to enclose a prestamped envelope for them.

    I've seen people use wedding websites, e-mail and phone numbers instead of the cards and I personally have no issue with that.
  • If it helps any, my wedding is at a church and there will probably be about 50 to 75 people there. I was just wondering if it's okay to put on the invitation to Rsvp by phone or email and not include a Rsvp card in the invitation.
    Thanks for your responses.
  • Forgot to include the time. We're getting married at 1:00pm.

  • You could use RSVP postcards.  The stamps are cheaper and you do not have to purchase envelopes either. 

  • I'd thought about doing email RSVPs to save money and paper, but I really wanted the excitement of getting paper RSVPs in the mail.  It was totally worth it, it was fun to get mail that's not bills!  if you go that route, you do need to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
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  • For an afternoon semi-formal wedding, my friends have done online RSVP's and it worked out beautifully. 

    The way I'm doing my invites is a type called "seal-n-send." Basically, the response card has a perforated (sp?) edge that the guest tears off and sends back as a postcard.  These types supposedly have a really high response rate, they're simple (but cute!), and not very expensive (I think I paid a bit more than $200 for a set of 150).  I'm also giving the option to RSVP online in case that's easier for someone.  No excuses for no responses! lol.

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  • Yes, you can. However, without a physical reminder, some people might not RSVP or forget if they did or not. Some older guests might not because they don't email. This just means you might have to follow up with people more than you otherwise would.
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  • Thanks for your replies. I've decided to do the Rsvp cards with the self-addressed, prestamped envelopes.
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