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I was reviewing the name change rules on the Marriage Bureau website today, and was surprised to see that you can only change your surname through marriage, and not your middle name.  A lot of women I know (not in NY, just in general) who change their last names when they marry change their middle names, too.  I had been hoping to change my middle name when I get married.  Did anybody else run into this issue?
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Re: NY Name Change Law

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    You can't do it on the marriage certificate, but when I went to get my social security card, I put my name in as my First name, Maiden Name (as middle name) and my husband's last name as my last name.  They didn't give me any trouble with this.  Once you receive the social security card, you can use this to update all of your other important paperwork (passport, driver's license, etc).  I
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    Ditto Rachel; the Social Security department is a lot more lenient on placing your name.  I plan to just add my married name as my second last name, just so that there'll be a record of it somewhere as I plan to keep my name, mostly for professinal reasons.

    Otherwise, I like my middle name too much versus my maiden name.
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    Very interesting!  It seems like a strange loophole (that someone can change their name with SS after marriage when the marriage certificate didn't allow it, and all without going to court), but if it's open, I'll take it!
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