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Dad Problems

My dad out of the blue told my mom he wants a divorce.. He is very obviously going through a midlife crisis. The entire family thinks so. There is some evidence he may have been cheating on my mom so tensions are very high right now. My dad has also decided he no longer plans to help pay for my wedding (when I got engaged they made it clear they wanted to pay for the wedding, so I never saved enough money for the whole thing just things for me aka my dress) and my mom can't afford it all on her own. I'm already doing A LOT of DIY and didn't plan on spending a lot... He won't talk to me about anything, unless its to complain about something my mom has done, and ignores any other question or call I give him. I have always been close to my parents, and never ever even dreamed this would happen. I don't know what to do... My loving father has suddenly become a stranger. I'm so angry with him and I don't know how to handle his disapearance. I'm thinking of not inviting him to my wedding all together now, but I don't know if thats bad taste on my part?? Help!
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