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Beware Cymbeline on 19th St

I went to the NYC Boutique and everyone was very nice and helpful until it came time for alterations. Less than a month before my wedding my dress was destroyed... holes, pulls, ruined seams, uneven tool, I can go on and on. But instead of being reasonable and admitting fault, the manager of the store treated us as if we were garbage telling us we were seeing things. Just a terrible experience altogether. Never in my life was I treated so poorly as a customer. Never again, stay away from this store and especially the alterations department.

Re: Beware Cymbeline on 19th St

  • I'm sorry this happened! I had a bad alternation experience too. They said the dress had problems around the arm holes they couldn't fix (really!), and then the $300 bustle I had them install didn't work at all. It fell down repeatedly even after we sqeezed the hooks closed. My dress got trampled and I nearly fell several times while dancing.

    So hard to find good people sometimes!
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