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People you want to punch

I'll start.  I'm grumpy.

My co-worker, who is on her 6th missed day from work for a broken finger.  I'm here, coughing up a lung with a fever, and she can't come in for over a week because of a BROKEN FINGER?  We do not have a labor intensive job.

My neighbor, who now has 4 cars.  3 of which are the same fricking car.  I'm tired of seeing them parked all over the place and listening to him rev the engines in the alley under my bedroom window.

Re: People you want to punch

  • My sister - just 'cause.
    The hiring committee that didn't hire me.
    My hair for not laying down straight.
    My thighs, stomach and butt.
  • My upstairs neighbor who listens to his/her (I haven't seem him/her/it yet) music super duper loudly.  It's not so much the music playing in general that bugs me, it's that it's the same 5 or 6 songs over and over and over. 

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  • The guy who ran a red light on Saturday and killed a family friend.  Okay, I want to do more than punch him, but I'd be arrested.  Stupid behavior.  And so sad.
  • I'm sorry, joesgurl... that's awful :( 
  • MIL.  Because her birthday is coming up and after DH's craptacular birthday gift, I'm so angry about even the IDEA of rewarding such behavior with a birthday present for her.

    And I know if we don't give her a big present, she'll talk about us to BIL and SIL...and that'll make me want to punch her again.
  • Everyone who lives on my street. Their dogs roam the neighborhood and bark at all hours of the day. And they park in the street, which is barely wide enough for one car.

    I'd like to punch every bank in the southeast in the face. We can get approved for a fucking mortgage, but FI can't get a credit card to pay for his travel expenses at the new job.

    Which leads me to wanting to punch FI's new bosses in the face. They won't pay for his travel upfront. But they'll reimburse us. If they're going to pay for it anyway, I really don't fucking understand why we need to pay for it first. They're complicating my life, dammit.
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  • Two of the guys I work with who complain to our bosses that the other admin I work with and I talk over coffee for 15 freakin' minutes in the morning.  We're going to "take up smoking" so that we can go outside once an hour like the other smokers in the office.  God, I hate this job so much I can't wait to quit after the wedding.  5 more months, 5 more months...I can do this...

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  • My old supervisor for ending my work contract and telling me the morning of - they wouldn't even let me go back to get my stuff.

    The woman who called to tell me I won't be getting a job interview, because I don't have 10 years of work experience.  I'm sorry that they woudn't let me work when I was 12.  Don't waste both of our time to tell me that's why I won't be getting the interview.

    The healthcare system.

    The person who used to run my reception venue (she got fired), because I still think of how much of a flaming moron she was.
  • I want to punch a coworker.  Not for any particular reason more than she's VERY annoying lately.  Plus I don't think she EVER works 40 hours, but somehow manages to act like she does. 

    I want to punch whatever animal took residence in our attic - I do not like to be woke up before the alarm goes off becuase you and your buddy are playing tag up there! 
  • Thanks Kiki.  It was such a shock.  It taught me a couple of good lessons though.  Just because you have a green light doesn't mean you should just enter the intersection without looking.  And I doubt I'll be tempted to run a red light for a while (hopefully I never will).
  • My VP.  She's making everyone's life a living he11.  I don't have to listen to it much but she is constantly yelling at my manager/director and they are so miserable, it's making me sad. 
  • Oh, and my other former supervisor who said that smokers deserve to die of cancer.  And people wonder why I was miserable there.
  • I want to punch anyone who can't drive b/c of sun glare.  Get a pair of sunglasses and put your visor thing down, it's going to be ok - no need to come to an abrupt complete stop that results in massive traffic jams.   

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  • I want to punch the university health network that promised me a job if I completed my master's degree. They cut $17-million dollars and a bazillion jobs, so now my career prospects are in the shitter until things somehow improve.
  • I want to punch my midterm, the girl in my class with the stupid voice and the stupid hair, and my midterm again.
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  • I also need to punch myself in the face for thinking that I'd be able to DIY our STDs.  I'm using a paper cutter, they still look like crap & I just want to be proud of these mother effers!!!!!!!!! Grrrr
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  • For your punching pleasure! 

  • UPS for not being able to find out address even though they deliver here at least once a day.
  • Both of my SILs. One for having a nearly etiquette-free wedding, and the other for sending out a mass email to the family asking for cash instead of presents for her birthday.
  • Oh, I have another one.  The lady on the radio show I listen to in the morning, who asked someone for her STD back because she ran out and needed to give it to someone else.  WTF?  Who does that?
  • [QUOTE]One for having a nearly etiquette-free wedding, [/QUOTE]

    Do tell.
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    MIL for trying to use Mr. Arb's dead brother as a reason to guilt trip him into not looking for jobs in other states.
  • My personal trainer.

    Oh, and I wanted to murder FI yesterday. I finally reached that snapping point where I really, really just wanted to elope. It would be easier than begging and pleading with him to please finish his guest list and, for the love of god, call the friggin DJ we want to book and pray he is still available.
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  • The guy I'm training at work. He argues with every. little. thing. I. say. It's obnoxious. I was brought in to train you for a reason. Do what I say.

  • Banana- (by the way, go Yankees!)  It started out as: 150 person guestlist, 9am ceremony, no food, no music, no alcohol and she posted on her blog that she was happy she was having a morning wedding so her guests would be "out of her hair" by noon. 

    To be fair it's gotten a lot better after my MIL had a little come-to-Jesus with her about how to treat your guests, but in the beginning it was a trainwreck.
  • Whoever made the fruit and yogurt parfaits at the market at school so freaking delicious.

    The AF for making me live in the middle of nowhere for 6 weeks while fi does training that starts 4 days after the wedding.

    Myself for being on TK instead of doing actual work. I suck.
  • Nice Manda.  Guess she didn't get the point of having guests??
  • In Response to Re: People you want to punch:  I want to punch whatever animal took residence in our attic - I do not like to be woke up before the alarm goes off becuase you and your buddy are playing tag up there! 
    Posted by Stackeye210[/QUOTE]

    Stack we had the same issue. Used to wake me up every night, FI can sleep through anything (6 years on a sub). We hired a guy to come out he said they were most likley wood rats from the wood next door. They look just like mice just a little bigger.
    Well we bought poison bags at Home Depot, and one night at 3am when they woke me up, I woke up FI, if I have to suffer so do you. He went upstairs and threw the bags in the attic. After about 3 days we dont hear a thing.
    The only thing I worried about was my cat getting ahold of one if it decided to come out.
    And I know you have little ones to worry about.
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  • My roommate.  Super nice girl but she just turned down a great job offer that paid $15,000 better and is starting to bitch about not having any money again.  STFU. 

    An intern who just harrassed me for checking out something non-work related (ahem) while at work.  Don't be a jerk.  We all get our work done here.  Some people chat in eachother's offices for an hour, some people get coffee several times a day, some people take a long lunch, some come in an hour and a half later than the rest of us.  If I choose to check out stuff on the internet for fun then I can.  No one cares as long as I get my work done well.  Let's see how much I like when you come back in 2 years asking for a job. 

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  • Just out of curiosity, have any of you actually every punched anyone? It's very satisfying.
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