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    [QUOTE]I've never cheated on DH, but I was tempted several times with my ex. The temptation was part of what made me realize that something was wrong with the marriage, and the fact that I could be so un-self-aware (is that a word?) as to nearly cheat before realizing we needed counseling is terrifying to me. DH and I have talked about this issue a lot as a result, and I think the discussions are good.  I'm *very* tempted to flame the Ivy league PS. But that's probably doing it wrong.
    Posted by ac_in_dc[/QUOTE]

    If you go into Mandy's thread,t here's actually a lot of discussion about that one
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    I have never had a physical affair, but I did engage in a very intense emotional affair with a co-worker 5 years ago. 

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Affairs anonymous Poll</a>:
    [QUOTE]I am totally addicted to the KPS and the Niner one! I have never cheated on my H or any boyfriend.<strong> I'm think it's interesting how many secret submitters want to be with women. </strong>
    Posted by danieliza1127[/QUOTE]

    To be honest... once you get married, you know that's it, and you never will be with a woman if you haven't been, even to experiment. So it's like the window of opportunity passes. I get it.
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    To submit:

    find a pic that applies to the secret and save it to the computer.

    Open www.picnik,com and upload the photo. 

    Open the "create" tab to add text.

    Click "share" and then add the email to send it.  The site requires you to enter your email, though, so use an alternate email address if you want to remain anon.
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    I wouldn't dream of cheating on my FI. My ex cheated on me a lot. And I still wouldn't cheat on him. I made a commitment, regardless of whether he took his vows serious or not, I did.

    As far as experimenting with a woman, I'm sure most husbands wouldn't mind if you did, as long as they get to But it's not for me, not into women.
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    The one about the girl being sexually assaulted by the running coach made me really sad.

    The one about the woman thinking her DH's brother is hot made me laugh. My DH and his brother look almost exactly alike. If you didn't know they were 11 months apart you would think they were fraternal twins. Luckily I got the hotter one, but as soon as I commented on how close they look (it seriously blows my mind because in some pics BIL looks just like my husband and I've thought it was him in photographs before) DH got all worried that I was hot for his brother.

    Um, no. Your brother is freak. And married with a kid.
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    I cheated on my ex once after a very heavy night of drinking, i wasn't even attracted to the other guy.  I told the ex about it cause i have a pretty bad guuilty conscience (sp?)...but, i never get that drunk anymore without my man with me...lesson learned, i get wayy too horny!! lol

    I played spin the bottle one time with one of my college roommates and 3 gay men who said they never even kissed a woman before..that was very interesting.  Guys kissin guys, girls with girls and guys kissin girls too...very fun though...we laughed the whole time.  That was the night before i met my it out of my system in the nic of time!! lol
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    also, im kinda it bad to lurk on other boards?  i go back and forth between a few just to see whats going on.  Im sooo addicted to this site already. haha
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