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Hi ladies :)

I'm going to make a board with everyone's table assignments on it, instead of using placecards. My question is, for each table, when putting everyone's name on it, do married couples go on one line? Do I separate them onto 2 lines? What about dating couples?? Keeping the married couples on one line keeps it short and simple, but when putting dating couples on one line it's pretty long when you include both last names. If you put them on 2 lines, do you then alphabetize them and then separate the couples if they don't happen to be in alphabetical order? Just wondering what the accepted thing to do is? Thanks for any help! :)
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Re: Table assignment board

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    If I were a guest, I'd like to have everyone's names on there, and alphabetize it.
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    One of the thing I hated most as a graphic designer for friends weddings was the seating chart, so I understand this isn't an easy task. I think this is one of those things, people tend to over analyze. I think to keep it simple I'd just put everyone on a separate line just like each person gets their own seat. The spacing will look better and it prevents wrapping lines for people who have super long names.
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