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Bridal Shower Bridezilla?


Re: Bridal Shower Bridezilla?

  • I like what you have to say ridedatbike, I remember my first post, it was more hypothetical if anything, but I think most people took it wrong, and granted it looked very agressive after reading it, but there were some concerns I had and wanted to address. One naughty called me immature, a few were kind of judgemental, but the higher ratio were reasonable opinions and advice and those are the ones I read and listen to. 

    I've been lurking at a lot of the boards, and one thing I've learned is not to take other's critizisms personally, they are just trying to help you see perspective and kind of shine a mirror, like "Maybe I am being unreasonable."

    OP, I think it's awesome your friends threw you a wonderful shower, enjoy that! If anything, I bet you, like most posters said, they were too busy planning it and making sure everything went well, that the card seemed less important at the time or they forgot. I was a bridesmaid last year, and with all the bridal events and showers, I couldn't afford to get a gift on top of that, especially when I was doing the graphics for her wedding (I considered those my gifts to her).
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