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I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on an appropriate time to end a wedding reception.  I'm orginally from WI and wedding receptions usually start around 5pm and end at midnight.  I live in NC now and have found that most venues only want to rent their space for four hours.  So starting a reception at 6pm would require it to be over at 10pm.  Is this typical?

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Re: Reception end time

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    I think it depends on your venue.  The place we used gave us the space for the entire day.  I think we ended ours around 11/11:30 because everyone had to leave due to snow anyway.  But I think a lot of ladies on here had a set number of hours they got the venue.
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    We have to be out of our venue by 11, so we are planning on exiting at like 10, so hopefully the remaining of the guests will clear out shortly after. Our wedding is at 6, but I'm thinking about changing it to 5, just so the reception isn't so rushed.
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  • ecuchikaecuchika member
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    Well my venue that I booked goes from 5-until....we are paying extra to get ALL DAY!
    We were told if we are there at 7:30 in the morning we will be required to help clean up.  They have a right to control the music volume so we aren't annoying to anyone within hearing distance.

    But alas if we get a band then I think they only play for 4 hours AFTER dinner music is finished. No parting all night long :(  But I doubt many people will be lurking around after 11pm.

    Keep looking if you want a longer reception time or talk with your venue about paying extra or start the wedding earlier in the day.
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    Yea ours is from 6-10pm, ceremony included. I have been and worked at several weddings, where most of the time 75% of the wedding guests don't stay till 11pm.  Most people are tired or need to go home, and others end up partying elsewhere.  I figure if we end our reception, and then the party crowd can have a meeting place afterwards. 
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    We have the venue for the whole day but are planning on doing our grand exit around 10:30 or 11
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  • wlfpkbridewlfpkbride member
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    We have our venue all day but we're doing 4 hours. We're having a lunch reception so we plan on having an after party later that night with some close friends.
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    our venue was a private beach house but our permit only allowed us to play music until 11:00pm, we were done around 10pm anyways

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    depends on the feel of your wedding.  We have our venue for 8 hours (but that includes set up and clean up) so we are planning for 4 hour reception with a small after hour party in downtown Charlotte.
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    Ours starts at 5 and ends at 9.
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    We have secured our ceremony/reception location for the entire day.  Wedding is planned for 4pm with reception starting at 5pm.  I am planning on wrapping things up by 11pm because we have to be out by midnight.  Most places around here do only allow you to stay 4-5 hours total.

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