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Need creativity- Trivia team names


Re: Need creativity- Trivia team names

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    The Periodic Table Dancers!
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    Shooot, I have to go.  Thank you all so much for the ideas.  I love you ladies.  Duh.
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    [QUOTE]The Periodic Table Dancers!
    Posted by kikibaby[/QUOTE]

    Yay!  I can't take credit though.  I saw it on google!
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    Shelly still wins!  YAY!
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    NebbNebb member
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    I reall yjust said random things, im sorry.
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    It's ok, Nebb, that's how we always come up with our names.  We used Periodic Table Dancers tonight and it was a hit.  Unfortunately, we only came in 4th.  Boo :(
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