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  • I wish I was tired... I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow. I'm kind of dreading work. I'm just not used to it anymore, and I think I might be working 8 to 8 tomorrow because the dad has a baseball game after work.
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  • Angel - have you tried the Zzzquil? 
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    [QUOTE]Jess, that is adorable!  When a good friend of ours proposed to his girlfriend (also one of our best friends) on Christmas Eve in 2008, FI and I anxiously waited by the phone for her phone call.  We knew about the proposal for six months prior and had actually taken part in hiding it from her.   They got married a year later and are now expecting their second child.  
    Posted by texasgurly13[/QUOTE]

    When H's brother proposed to his girlfriend, it was at her house for her birthday. Her grandparents were in town from Michigan and they had invited us and H's parents to join in the celebration.

    The only people that knew he was going to propose were her parents and his I'm sitting as she's opening gifts, and I realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to propose. Her family was there, and H's family was there, and I noticed that NOBODY had a camera I casually looked at my phone, opened the camera and had it ready just in case.

    About 2 seconds later, he was proposing, and I was able to catch it on video. BIL asked me how I knew, and I told him that I didn't know, but it just seemed like such a great proposal opportunity, that I wanted to be ready. :)

    I like proposals. And weddings. Go figure.

  • I'm out for the night.  It's bedtime. Good night!

  • I love all that mushy crap too Jess : )
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    [QUOTE]Angel - have you tried the Zzzquil? 
    Posted by pokepoke27[/QUOTE]

    I haven't. I should have taken melatonin, but I'm afraid of being groggy in the morning if I take it now. I need to be up in less than 7 hours. Yuck.
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  • Goodnight, Loopy.

    Since we're actually talking about WR stuff, tell me your proposal story.

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    [QUOTE]Goodnight, Loopy. Since we're actually talking about WR stuff, tell me your proposal story.
    Posted by JessAndTrav[/QUOTE]

    <div>It's gonna be a novel, is that ok?</div>
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  • When Peadar proposed to me both our familes and my best knew it was going to happen the night it happened.  Of course his mom called him about ten minutes before he was getting ready to it to ask him how it went and he had to hang up the phone because I was right there.  What made it more adorable is he was going to do it earlier that day and he left the ring in his other pants so he couldnt. 
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  • I told H I wanted to go on a picnic so that I could tell people I've been on a picnic in the English countryside. So he organised one. He packed the "basket" (plastic grocery bag) all by himself and everything. We went to the park and sat down with our picnic and ate. Then while I was laying with my head in his lap he said "The only thing that would make this moment more perfect is if you would agree to be my wife." then pulled out the ring. It was so sweet : )

  • Bring it on, Tex!

  • Copied and pasted from elsewhere:

    I went over his house on a Saturday night because he said he'd make me dinner. We don't get to have dinner together a lot, so it was clearly something special. We went shopping for groceries and then we cooked filet, mashed potatoes and green beans together. We were sitting down to eat and then all of a sudden, he was next to my chair, on one knee. His exact words are a bit of a blur but he said that while he could have picked some elaborate proposal, it wouldn't have been as meaningful as doing at a time like this, when we'd just finished making dinner, because it was like a preview of what we'd be doing together for the rest of our lives, the simple, everyday things that make a marriage. And then he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him and I said yes. Even though I'd kind of expected the proposal, when the moment came it still totally caught me off guard!
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  • awwww poke yours was so cute :)  The only overly fun highlight of mine was a couple in there mid 30's was on their first date and the guy said to us right after that he recently got unengaged.  Like that was the biggest fail I have ever seen 
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  • Aww, Poke, that's so sweet!
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    FI proposed to me two days before Christmas.  We were getting ready to go see our favorite country artist at a dance hall in Austin, and stopped in San Marcos on our way to get something to eat.  Well, we get done eating, and we pull out of the parking lot, and I notice that he is going the opposite way of where we needed to go to get back to I-35.  This is when I started getting suspicious

    San Marcos has an Christmas festival in the local park the first weekend of December every year, and then they leave the lights up through New Years.  Well, we stop at the park, and the whole time I'm looking at FI, with this weird look on my face.  We are walking around the park and he keeps fiddling with his coat pocket, so I just decided to go with it.  I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I knew something was up.  

    So we stop under this mock christmas tree and I turn around to look at the tree, and then I turn back around and he was down on his knee.  He asked me to marry him, and obviously I said yes.  I called my parents, called my friends (everyone knew already, lol).  He had called my dad about three hours prior to that to ask for permission.  

    We were originally supposed to go to Vegas right after Christmas with my best friend, and he was gonna do it there.  Plans got changed at the last minute, so he decided to do it that night.  He had the ring at the apartment in one of his suit pockets the entire time.  

    ETA:  My parents had every expectation that if we had ended up going to Vegas, that we were gonna come back married.  
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  • Aw, that's adorable Angel. These are making me all teary eyed. 
  • Aw, both of your stories are sweet!

    H and I had been dating for 5 years, and had known since the beginning that we wanted to marry each other. For my birthday in May of 2008, he asked me if I would like to go ring shopping and I did. :) That day, we picked out a diamond and he bought it, and I picked 2 or 3 settings that I liked.

    So, the summer came and nothing was happening. I was going to Tokyo that summer, and I was assuming he'd do it in the airport after I got back or something.

    The week of Independence Day, we were discussing 4th of July plans, and he asked me if we wanted to do something with my sister, so I called and she and I planned the evening.

    Little did I know that together, they had already planned the evening, and she knew how to get me to agree to what was already planned.

    July 3rd, I realized that it might happen, so I better get a cute outfit.

    July 4th, it was my mom, brother, sister, her FI and son, H and myself. We went to the Kemah Boardwalk to eat dinner and watch the fireworks. When the fireworks started, I just knew he was going to do it.

    Nothing happened.

    So I waited. And then I realized I was wrong. It wasn't happening, so I walked away to talk to my sister for a second. Then she walked away, so I turned back to H, and he was on his knee, with a ring held out.

    I immediately exclaimed, "SHUT UP!" because I COULDN'T believe it. I had gone from knowing he was going to propose to knowing that he wasn't going to propose.

    He just kind of stared at me, frozen in nervousness, so I said, "don't you need to ask me something?" so he did, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    /end novel.

    I can't help but include the details. :)

  • awwww Tex that is adorable 
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  • Poke, I love that the picnic basket was a plastic bag.

    Amorg, I think it's funny that his mom called BEFORE it happened because she was so excited for y'all.

    Angel, I love the reason that he chose to do it over a home-cooked meal.

    Tex, I love that yours happened during the holidays, because I'm a sucker for Christmas. So much so that we had a Christmas wedding.


  • Tex, a christmas proposal is so romantic!
  • Jess it was really funny.  Infact the whole proposal was funny.  The holidays are a cute idea for everything :) 
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Sunday Night</a>:
    [QUOTE]Tex, a christmas proposal is so romantic!
    Posted by pokepoke27[/QUOTE]

    <div>It was even better because San Marcos holds a special place in my heart.  I lived there for 8 years while I was going to school (undergrad and grad school), and that is where FI and I met.  </div>
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  • Haha Jess - it was pretty adorable. And your proposal is so sweet. I can see how you would be getting frustrated lol
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    I totally knew mine was coming... and I was actually in a BAD mood that night because I had a fight with my mom. I kept telling him how bad of a mood I was in, and that nothing was going to change that, because I wanted him to get the idea that that nightt wasn't a good night to do it. I thought he'd taken the hint, but nope, he decided to try to turn my night around anyway. And it worked :)
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Sunday Night</a>:
    [QUOTE]Haha Jess - it was pretty adorable. And your proposal is so sweet. I can see how you would be getting frustrated lol
    Posted by pokepoke27[/QUOTE]

    We always laugh at how it all happened, because it's TYPICAL for us. He wants to wait to do things, and I'm a wee-bit impatient, so it's very 'us'

    I also like that I said "shut up" because he is one of the quietest people ever, and I'm one of the loudest, so the irony is magnificient.

  • I was so impatient.  He had the ring in the trunk of our car since January and he proposed in April.  I was going crazy knowing it was there and not knowing what he was planning.  
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  • Yeah, I knew mine was coming too. The whole long distance thing made it difficult to have that element of surprise. We had to talk about the logistics of getting married and living together - who was going to move and stuff like that. 

    And let me tell you, it's a good thing we're married. If we weren't married, I'd be forcing the issue. This LDR thing is getting super old and super hard. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that it's almost over. 

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    The only reason I knew mine was coming is because the way it happened was so uncharacteristic of him.

    Although, I will say that if we had ended up going to Vegas, I expected that he was gonna propose.  

    ETA:  I meant to say I had a feeling.  I just looked at that wording, and it sounds a lot different than what I was actually thinking.
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  • What is LDR?
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