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  • I probably better try to get to bed as well. 

    Night everyone!
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  • night Tex
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  • Goodnight Tex.

    So roll call - who is still with us?
  • That would be me
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Sunday Night</a>:
    [QUOTE]FI thinks I'm too pampered and 8 weeks at boot camp would do me good, lol. I'm pretty sure I would literally die.
    Posted by angelstar975[/QUOTE]

    I'm definitely too pampered/lazy to do any kind of bootcamp.

    I would die too.

  • I am watching Top chef older seasons on my PS3 and trying to do wedding crap.  
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  • I am getting REALLY sleepy, which is inconvenient since I'm really hungry.

    I have been craving a huge, juicy homemade cheeseburger like no other.

    That's going to make whatever snack I eat in a few minutes less appealing.

  • Am I strange for looking at personal security stuff right now? We're thinking about moving into an apartment complex. They have a pool and gym and nature trails and stuff. Very easy for someone to follow your movements - especially if you get a routine. 

    Not that I'm obsessed with the creeper out to get you at every corner or anything, but I feel like if I'm going to get into some kind of routine that puts me alone in the woods I should have something to protect myself with. 
  • Poke it isn't weird.  I do the same things.  I grew up in the middle of the woods with no neighbors and never had to lock doors.  Like I don't even have a house key.  So I look those things up for when I get a house because I do not trust having neighbors or living in neighborhoods -_-
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  • I don't think it's strange. I'm all about the personal safety. :)

  • Well, I've always lived in a neighborhood. And they're not as safe as they seem. Like, my current neighborhood seems safe and quiet - but who knows what's going on in other people's homes?

    But there are so many more people in this apartment complex than my neighborhood. 
  • Yea I understand.  Well personal safety is a great thing.
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  • I'm just looking at everything they offer going "Oh this looks cool, and this, and this..." and now I have an image of me jogging on the trail with a batman style utility belt on. They even have a key you can use to get yourself out of handcuffs. Which I don't see being very possible to use in the majority of kidnapping situations.
  • Okay guys, I'm exhausted now. I'll talk to you all tomorrow : )
  • night night I am going to sleep as well 
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