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Two Questions

Discalamer I can not write well.  Grammer and me need to be re introduced.  I know P & E can be tough on people

1st.  Our wedding invite is not having our parents name on it.  Do I have to put the last names on the invite or can I just put first and middle names.    Our names will be the return address.

2nd  a dress question.  I am officiaaly going dress shopping in 2 weeks.  I think I know what dress I want.  It is now on clearance at Davids Bridal.  They do not have my current size, they have one size less.  My question is, is it reasonable to think I could loose enough weight to fit in it by Sept?  Did anyone else have this issue?  Am I stupid for going a size smaller?   I know I can get it taken out to fit if I need but alterations can be pricy.

Re: Two Questions

  • 1st  I think there should be last names somewhere on the invite

    2nd  Buying a dress that doesn't fit is a bad idea.
  • Ditto Anna on both accounts.
  • 1. I would assume (or hope, at least) your guests would know who at least one of you are without putting a last name on an invite. We did not put our last names, nor our parents last name, anywhere on our invitations.

    2. Normally a dress can be let out one size---but is it worth it to risk it? I would be very disappointed if I bought a dress and was not able to fit into it on my wedding day. There is no need to put pressure on yourself to lose weight for a certain dress---it may backfire.
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  • gg---get your amazing looking cupcakes outta my face before I eat it!!
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    1) No opinion
    2) I found that DB dresses tended to run small, so I was already a size larger in their dresses than I usually am.  If you haven't considered that, the dress may actually be two sizes too small for you.  Regardless, like others have said, I'd never buy a wedding dress contingent upon losing weight - it just seems not the risk.

    *not WORTH the risk.
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    1)  I would.  But I come from a family full of Johns, Pauls, Micheals, Jennifers, etc.  It's easier to keep them all straight with the last name.    Also my family introduces girlfriend/boyfriends by first name.  I rarely know/remember/use someone's last name (let alone spell it).  It's nice to see the name written out on the invite for when it's time to write out the check.

    2.  never assume anything.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • 1. Yes, it's standard to have last names on invitations.

    2. It's awfully risky. I probably wouldn't.
  • 1. I think you should put your last names on the invite.

    2. If DB won't order a new one in your size since it's on clearance, I advise you to not buy a dress that doesn't fit. It will be very stressful if you don't loose enough weight! One exception: If it has a zipper or button back and you're willing to put in a corset this might work.
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  • 1.  Use the last names
    2.  DB dresses run a size small, so odds are that dress is TWO sizes too small for you and even if they can let it out a size it will still be too small.  See if you can find something similar in your size.
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  • Thank you.  I knew that about the dress but needed coxing. 
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