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Dilemma/much needed ranting!!


Re: Dilemma/much needed ranting!!

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    I have to agree with the other posters, that if you want hard liquor at the wedding, you need to pay the difference. I alo thought alcohol liability insurance was different if hard liquor was involved. I could be wrong about that, though, but you may need to look into that.

    Life is all about compromise -- so he gets a Batman cake?  I think it would be cute. 

    In the grand scheme of things, life is hard enough as it is, do you really want to start off on "It's all me", because soon enough it ends up being *Just* you.
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    This is a pretty elegant looking batman themed wedding ideas. What would wrong with getting him a groom's cake that is batman themed?

    I don't see how you could say that you're right about what looks good and what doesn't and being upset that people are forgetting about you and what you want when you clearly forgot about your FI.

    Also, the most important part of the wedding is that you are marrying your love; not what is tacky, looks good, etc. You seem to have lost perspective on that.
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    The only thing I can sympathize with is her FI had no interest until shortly before the wedding, so she says. I would be extremely frustrated if someone told me they would be happy with whatever I planned and after months of organizing starting giving me all these ideas they wanted that didn't work with what I planned. I know my FI is bad at making plans for weekends away on time even when I give him a few options to choose from, he just doen't understand planning & timelines and doesn't think about it until it's happening. So I could totally see a groom getting involved in planning month or so out and not knowing why it wont work. By this time things could already be ordered and the budget set to reflect already made choices.

    That being said batman is not tacky, compromise is key and host everyone, yada yada.
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    A. Batman is the best thing ever

    B. If you are a real person who really looks down on her FI so badly, I don't forsee this working very well

    C. Not that I think you are rational, but here's rational advice:  Set a tab limit for the rum and coke.  Say 500 dollars.  Once this is reached, you can turn it into a cash bar.  That way people can get multiple glasses without being spurned as 'not the wedding party', but don't bankrupt you and get alcohol poisoning at the same time.

    D. Have you heard of the word 'compromise'?  It's where someone important to you wants one thing, and you want another.  You both work around each other's wants to reach an equitable solution that makes you both happy.  Crazy I know.  For example, my FI really really loves the Packers and football and wanted something in the wedding.  I hate football.  As a compromise, I got a custom made Packers garter.  He's going to put it on a football at the toss, and throw the ball with the garter on it.
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