Did I overreact?

Fi's sister is staying with us at the moment as she is in transition between moving into her new place from her old place. Fi wasn't too keen to have her stay as she is pretty rude to him (stems from a grudge she's held for years-he got into medicine and she didn't) but FMIL rang and convinced Fi that it'd be OK for a couple of weeks. Anyway she tells Fi he's effing stupid or stuff like that on a daily basis (this morning he knocked over a bag of sugar sitting on OUR kitchen bench-he cleaned it up but in an exasperated voice she said "Why are you so effing stupid? You can't even make coffee without screwing it up."). I can't stand it.

Anyway this afternoon we both got home from work and were just getting changed and chatting. The guest bedroom is next to our room. We had been home and chatting for 5 or 10 minutes when Fi's sister knocks on our door and says to Fi "Could you shut the eff up, I'm trying to do readings (she is in the middle of exam time) and all I can hear is your effing annoying voice ALL THE TIME". Fi's sister is 23 by the way. I had had enough so I just said to her "Look this is our house and we shouldn't have to watch what we do as you're the guest. If you don't like it here find somewhere else to stay and if you're gonna be so disrespectful to your brother you're not welcome here either." Was I too rude?! I've just had enough but now I'm feeling awfully guilty!
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