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Bec - Galvanized Tub Question

Can you help me estimate something?

I'm purchasing galvanized tubs from an online wholesaler for use in the wedding.  I just don't know the size to purchase or if they'll be too big or not big enough.  If I want the tub to hold iced soda cans and water bottles, what size do you suggest?

Also, for just about 8-12 bottle of wine, what do you suggest?

Any advice would help.  Thanks! :)

Re: Bec - Galvanized Tub Question

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    To help, here's the website.  I'm looking at buckets with no label under Galvanized Oval washtubs.  They will no be "hot-dipped", but I'm thinking if they look too crazy, I could paint them.
  • How many do you need? I have 6 heavy 15" DIA, 11" deep buckets from my wedding that we used to hold ice, beer and bottled water and soda.

    They were scattered around the yard and held 20 or so bottled waters, beers and sodas. I think probably 6-9 bottles of wine and ice would fit in that size. They were deeper than other buckets I found, so they held more.
  • I would go with the 7.25 gallon one. It seems to be a good size and it will hold about what the deep ones I bought will hold. But you may have to paint them, because the ones that I found like that were really mottled and almost mosaic looking metal.
  • That sounds smart to have them scattered over the yard.  Probably would facilitate mingling.

    Well, I'll have sodas, water bottles, probably one for just ice and for chilled wine.  I'm thinking 4 would work - if they're large enough. 

    It's hard to imagine a 2-gallon tub. 

  • Thanks!   It looks like the knot ate one my posts. 

    That sounds good.  I thought I would have to paint them because of the look.  I think that would be okay.

    I really like your idea of scattering the tubs around the yard.  Seems like that would facilitate mingling.  How many tables did you have?
  • I had 20 tables, and each table had a smaller bucket in the middle that held two bottles of wine. The 6 large ones stayed on the ground.
  • Thanks for that!  I think that may work!  You are awesome my dear!  :)
  • affordable galvanized tubs & buckets have been one of the hardest things for me to find for the wedding.
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  • Yeah. The large ones were $20 each, and the small ones (15) were $8-$10. It was a pain!

    If you lived closer, I'd sell you mine, Miss. I just want the damn things out of my basement!
  • Yes, they are really expensive.  I think the website I linked to has some pretty good deals for the size and quantity I need.
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