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    I think Emmalyn is sweet, but I'm not sure about Helene.
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    I like it, but I don't love it. I think its a cute name, but I like the Helene part more than the EmmaLyn.

    I like Emma Helene, its easier to say.

    And, I was supposed to be named Peggy, but when I came out, my mother ended up naming me Marguerite Elizabeth May..... So yeah, sometimes parents go off the whacko end from what they originally plan.  Just don't give her too long of a name, do you know how much I hated learning to write my name, it didn't even fit in the standardized test boxes it was so long.
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    What about Emmalyn Claire (if you really like Emmalyn more than Helene?)
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    Or Arielle (Ah-ri-elle) Helene?
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    Thanks, guys. 

    Jess - I like Claire, too, but H doesn't really. 

    It's bedtime for me.  This name shiit is tiring!  Thanks for the help and ideas!
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    Madeline Helene?  I love the name Madeline, but FI is not a fan. 
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    I adore the name Claire. It was my favorite aunt's name, and if I ever get pregnant and have a girl, I would love Claire to be part of her name.
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    Emmalyn Celeste
    Emmalyn Colette
    Joelle Helene
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:c0a6d3db-393f-4491-990b-14f2ddad0c87Post:245ed3f5-1e23-4930-9f2a-9215c6262b96">Re: Another name idea:</a>:
    [QUOTE]I adore the name Claire. It was my favorite aunt's name, and if I ever get pregnant and have a girl, I would love Claire to be part of her name.
    Posted by mags0607[/QUOTE]

    You should. If you love it, then you should go for it.

    I really love the name Caroline. There's not a reason why; I just love it. We've decided that if/when we have a girl, her name will likely be Caroline Kelly _____. Kelly is a family name in my family.

    For DH, the men in his family have W names for their middle names. We've decided that more than likely if/when we have a son it will be Nathan Walker _____. Wayne and William are just over-used. And Walker was his grandmother's maiden name.

    Dumb, I know. I shouldn't have all of this planned out.
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    I love you but I don't like that name  :(

    That being said, I will never have children so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
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    yay for those jones... that being said i like the helene...not so much the emmalyn...too confusing. People will be asking her whole life, and how do you spell that? Also you dont want the people announcing her at graduations and weddings and so forth constantly mispronouncing it.
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    I really don't like it either. It's a mouthful!!

    Why do you need to pick one RIGHT NOW!?
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    My sister's name is Belinda. My parents went wild on the uncommon name after naming their first three kids John, Michael, and Sarah.
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    Eh, I don't know how I feel about it. I think it would grow on me though :)

    One of my mom's clients didn't name their baby until she was almost a month old. She was super premie and I guess they didn't have the strength to name her knowing there was a 90% chance she wouldn't make it. She's now 6 months old and a fighter.

    My roommate is college got her name (and her sisters name) as a result of a drunken dad and pissed off mom. Their names were supposed to be Jennifer and Allison. But mom was being a total wench to dad during labor and dad was drunk, so when he went to write the names they became Julia and Alise.
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    Emmalyn is a little trendy right now, and with the nickname Emma plus your last name, she'll probably meet a few other girls in her life with the same exact name (or at least Emma Lastname). 

    It's pretty, but sort of not my style.
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    I don't like it.  Too trendy & unique-y.
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    I'm not a fan.  It's too long.

    My parents didn't even think of names for my brother until after he was born.  The hospital wouldn't let them bring him home until he had a name so my mom picked the first one she saw in the name book.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Another name idea:</a>:
    [QUOTE]Emmalyn is a little trendy right now[/QUOTE]
    It is? I guess names differ between here and the states- I have never come by a baby (or for that matter, person) named Emmalyn.
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    you actually have until 1 year after a child is born to give them their official name.  After 12 months, then the courts step in.  I learned this from my former coworker.  Unfortunately he was let go when his then-unnamed daughter was over 11 months old.  We never got to hear what happened, if they named her or if the courts did....
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    this is difficult for me. i don't like any variation of the name helen. but i like any variation of emily/emma. so i'm finding that i like the first name but not the middle name. i know that isn't what you want to hear, since you are trying to find names that work with helene!

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