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Why B-Lists Suck

A good friend of FI's ('Bill') is getting married in October. Although I am not really close with Bill and his FI, I have met them both several times and like them a lot. I had hoped to be invited to their wedding, and was pretty excited about it. 

When the invitations for Bill's wedding came out about a month ago, FI and I had JUST got engaged. The invitation came to just FI, on his own. I was a bit sad, because FI and I have been together 6 years and lived together for 2, but figured they'd just decided not to invite any partners of their friends, and, in any case, the invites were probably finalised before we announced our engagement. Still, I was a bit bummed, and it made me even more convinced that we would DEFINITELY be inviting all of our friends' partners to our wedding next year. FI was also bummed because its a 3 hour drive to the ceremony venue, with a half hour drive (and a 3.5hour break) between the ceremony and reception, so he'd have to find somewhere to stay on his own for the night. 

This week, I had been chasing up the last few addresses for our save-the-dates, and had sent a FB message to Bill, asking for his FI and his address. He sent me back a message with the address and also said that (12 days out from their RSVP date) he and his FI would like to invite me too, to their wedding. 

I don't know if it was a B-List situation, or they felt bad that we were going to invite both of them, but either way, now its pretty awkward. Its a wedding I really wanted to go to, so I will just graciously accept, but I feel a bit weird/a little hurt about it.

Not going to cry myself to sleep, but still - This is why etiquette matters!
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