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I Judge...

Yes, I'm being a PW.

I was going to title this Irrational Judgements because mine is, but I'd like to hear all kinds.

Mine is that I judge people who have whole conversations or post incessently on their SO's FB wall.  My crazy friend and his FI are constantly doing this and it makes my ass twitch.


V MDinner with my amazing fiancé at my favorite restaurant :) — with P W at Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant.

Sunday at 5:37pm via iPhone

 in response...


I love you sweetheart :) you are so perfect to and for me :)

 P WMy fiancé has done an absolutely incredible job with the wedding details :) I've never been so in love and so impressed with her :):)

June 8 at 9:03pm via iPhone

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Thank you sweetheart! So have you with the most important part--the location!! I love you soooo crazy much :)



So tonite I am really missing and needing my fiance and kids..about 5 minutes ago I get a phone call that has all 3 of the kids telling me how much they miss me need me and love me...I have the most thoughtful and perfect girl in the world to share my life with...thank you so crazy much for cheering me up baby :) I LOVE YOU!! **smitten**

June 3 at 10:05pm

 in response....VM You are so welcome baby! I thought you could use some cheering up :) We love you so crazy much sweetheart! You are such a blessing to our lives!

June 3 at 10:11pm

 and in response again...


and you all are my world and my life :) I love you all SO crazy much!!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  Just fuucking talk to each other or text.  Gah.  This is an irrational judgement because it doesn't affect me in the least.  Except to annoy the SHIIT out of me.

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