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Rehearsal Dinner: RSVP?

In addition to the ceremony/reception, we're hosting a rehearsal dinner (the night before) and a farewell brunch (the morning after) since our entire guest list is traveling to celebrate with us and we want to make sure that they're fed and don't have fend for themselves in an unfamiliar place (unless they decide that's what they'd prefer, of course).  And, because of this, we're inviting our entire guest list to the rehearsal dinner and the brunch, which makes the head count a little harder to gauge than making a few phone calls to the wedding party/their SOs/immediate family.

Is there a proper way to include an RSVP for these two additional events in the invitation?  Or is there a way that is completely against etiquette that I should avoid at all costs? 

My initial thought was to include these events on the main RSVP card but I wasn't sure if that was somehow offensive or impolite and if that would be too confusing.  ie: There would be a header for Wedding Ceremony/Reception, then boxes to check for whether they're attending or not, then a header for the Rehearsal Dinner, with boxes to check, then a header for the Brunch, with boxes to check.

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner: RSVP?

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    You could have less formal invites sent for both the RD and the morning after brunch that are separate from the wedding invite.  You could even include both the RD and the morning after brunch on the same invite (provide the necessary information and have them either call or email you with an RSVP to either event or to both).  But I would keep your wedding invite as a separate invite all together.

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    Thank you!
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