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Inviting the Officiant?

I was reading FAQs and was somewhat startled to see that we're supposed to invite the officiant and spouse. Are they also invited to the reception as well? I don't want to commit a terrible faux pas without even realizing.


Re: Inviting the Officiant?

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    [QUOTE]If the officiant is someone you have a relationship with it's proper to invite them to the wedding with their SO if they have one. If they are just a hired vendor, like someone you only know because they are doing your ceremony, it's not mandatory to invite them and their SO.
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    This exactly.
  • Good to know, thanks. Follow-up: do we also invite the officiant and spouse to the rehearsal dinner?
  • Yes you invite them to both.
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  • I think you should invite everyone involved in the rehearsal to the rehearsal dinner.  Assuming that the officiant will be at the rehearsal, you should definitely invite him/her and SO to the RD.
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  • My officient is a very good friend and will be invited along with his wife. I actually picked my date around his availability. He's also invited to the rehearsal dinner.
  • And if you don't invite the officiant and spouse, how is that going to go?

    Like after the rehearsal, are you really going to go up to the officiant, shake hands, and say, "Hey thanks for preparing all this stuff for us, thanks for taking the time to make this personal for us, thanks for helping us and teaching us and training us how to do all of this for tomorrow.  I guess I really didn't realize how much would be involved and how powerful this rehearsal would be for all of us.  OK, well, we're going to have to go to a really fine fancy dinner - so I hope you have a nice night at home eating PBandJ or whatever you religious people eat while watching TV, and we'll see you tomorrow."  ??
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