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Public vs. Private Proposal--a poll


Re: Public vs. Private Proposal--a poll

  • Mine was at Disneyland with his mom, sister and one of his friends watching and snapping pics and video when I didn't know they were.  Neither one of us are big about being in the center of attention so I was surprised and yes I remember random people stopping and watching once he was on his knee.  He talked to me beforehand when we were "taking a picture" and then quickly got down.  I was defintely aware of people around us and after he asked and I said yes I buried my head in his chest and neck and we had a few moments.  He had asked my parents the week before and showed them the rings and told them his plan so my parents were waiting for a phone call.  They also live 20 mins away from Disneyland so we went there at the end of the night.  I just love that he asked and put so much thought into it to plan when and where and have our families around.

  • When my fiance proposed it was semi-private as well.  We were out to dinner with family and friends.  We were outside and it started to snow for the first time of the year.   His mother said "aw isnt it romantic" and things to that nature.  As everyone started to go inside he asked me to go for a walk with him, which he has done before to give me a kiss or tell me he loves me.  I thought it was because of the romantic talk that he was trying to be even more romantic. It was just him and me outside where nobody could see even though everyone knew what was going on.  I like that he and i were the only ones there so it was an intimate moment for the 2 of us to share like it should be in my opinion.  On the other hand i like that our loved ones were with us and knew what was going on so they could celebrate with us.
    However the proposal happened is the best way as long as it fits the couple.  If you both love baseball then why not do it at a game.  If you are more private then make it private.  My fiance had it all planned out differently then it happened because he said that he felt the time was right and that he just had to do it right then.  It was romantic and from the heart (whatever that means for you) which is how it should be.

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  • Mine was a public proposal. He set up a surprise dinner with a few close friends and proposed at the end of dinner, all my friends were in on it and knew it was going to happen. I loved having my close friends there and they loved that they got to share that special moment with us. And it made me so happy that he cared enough to include people that are close to my heart. It was fun to hear the clapping and well wishes from everyone after it was over!
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  • Mine was a private proposal and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  I tear up even thinking about it, it was so sweet. I don't like being the center of attention so a public proposal would have made me really embarrassed.
  •  I voted private.  Mine was a little of both though, which is exactly what i always wanted.  Technically in a public place, but there wasn't anyone around with-in earshot. 
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  • Mine was very private, in our apartment at 6:45 in the morning during breakfast. I knew he was going to ask at some point, because we had discussed it a lot before, but I didn't know when. Apparently neither did he. He says it was spontaneous because he had been waiting for the "perfect" moment and realized while I was making pancakes that he didn't want to wait any longer, so he just did it then, which ended up being perfect anyway.
  •  Mine could be considered public, but it was actually very private. He knew I don't like to have a lot of people looking at me.
    "We were driving through Glacier National Park, and had made a lot of stops to look at all of the great views. He wanted to stop at one of the best views in the park and the parking was full for it so we went around one turn and there was a spot to pull off of the road and go look. So we did.
     We took pictures and enjoyed the view and he asked when the next time I thought we would be there was. I told in like 25 years when we are older and have time and money to vacation. He hugged me and I started to go back to the car and he asked for the camera to take a couple more photos so I stayed there and that's when he go down on his knee and proposed.
    There wasn't anyone else around us really I think maybe 3 hikers saw the proposal, but I am not sure. They were hiking up the mountain behind where we parked.

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  • My FI proposed in a Art Museum. The gallery we were in was empty when he asked. It was private in a public sense. 
  • Before it happened I would have said I didn't care. But the way he did it was perfect. He surprised me and we were home alone. It was perfect for us because I cried : ) We spent a long time after holding each other and talking. Something that wouldn't have been possible if it occurred in public. 
  • After being apart for 8 months (I am finishing school in the states and my boyfriend was stationed in England), I flew to Europe to visit my now fiance. We planned a 2 day trip to France (I have always wanted to visit Paris). On our last night there we took a small picnic to the Eiffel Tower (which was within walking distance of the hotel) to see it light up at night for the first time. We hadn't taken a picture in front of the tower yet so Chris asked another tourist to take our picture. As we stood to pose, he got down on one knee and proposed. There were hundreds of people there, about 40 within ear-shot. It was the proudest, most romantic moment of my life and I would not have it any other way. I would have been fine with any proposal but that one was AWESOME.

  • Mine was on a fairly quiet beach, so there were people around, but it wasn't a specticle. It was perfect.
  • hmm i would definitely prefer it to be private but i wouldn't mind if it was public.. i think it could be
  • Ours was at a full nightclub at 3am. Josh got up on stage and proposed, bended knee and everything! I loved it, but I can understand it's not for everyone. We run an Electronic music production company and he is a DJ so it was a pretty perfect setting,lol.
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