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Bahaha Jon Gosselin got F'd in the A


Re: Bahaha Jon Gosselin got F'd in the A

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    I hope he can find a job to support his family.  I hope it doesn't involve putting the kids back on TV with TLC.
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    In Pa the child support is based more on the father's income and sometimes it's based on pervious income, they look at the other parents income but it really don't make much of a differnce. Then when one or the other get re-married they take that into consideration although they can't touch the spouses income, they can take more out of the person paying.

    My ex-friend's kids' dad is paying about $800 a month for 2 children under age 5, and he gets abotu $500 more then she does a month. 

    My FI pays a total of $1263 a month for 2 children ages 9 and 10.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is different or the same, but once it's taken to court it can't be changed by the receiver for 3 yrs. I'm sure the one that is paying can try to change it and take it back to court but example. My FI's ex can't take him to court to try to make the payment higher, until 2011 since the 3 yr mark was up last year and she didn't bother. (that was mostly due to her not allowing him of the boys) anyway....

    Sorry if I got sidetracked a little bit there I wanted to try and explain what I know about the support thing here in PA.. The Gosselin's are from the Reading area of Pa, and I live about 30 minutes from there and FI actually grew up there.. I saw someone mention about different family law. I know I'm sorta late on the subject. 

    I can't see someone paying 5 figures too, that is insane.. We barely make it with his support coming out and thats little compared to that..  
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    a little over $1000 per child each month really isn't that high.
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    No, but 10,000 a month is significant.  5 figures.  A month.

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