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What are your pets' names?  Anything weird? 
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Re: Pet Names

  • Jessie and Shiloh

    My parents Pappilions are:
    Peppi La Pooch
    Corn Snake- Gweneviere
  • My dog is Gabriel-named for Peter Gabriel (FI fav singer)
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  • Brinkley's name isn't weird, it's dignified and it suits the goofy bastard.

    I've also had a hamster named Presley and a guinea pig named Brunson (after Brunson Doyle).

    I had a fish named Excellent and a pair of fish named Aufbau and Avagadro.
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  • My dog's name is Titus

    My sister had 2 littermates named Moose and 'Stache (say them together).  Now Moose is dead and I feel really weird introducing his brother has Stache...

    talk about unoriginality my next door neighbors dog is named Dog

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  • I worked with a girl who had a husky named Diogee, pronounced D-O-G.
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  • My aunt has a cat named Mr. C. Short for Mr. Cat.
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  • I rent my home from a black cat named Demon (aka Queen of the fluffypants, fluffy mcfluffster or fluffamillion)(one of my coworkers refused to talk to me after she found that out, apparently I'm godless because I named my cat Demon), a chinchilla named Diamond, and a dog named Katie Marie Whompus.
    I used to have 3 rats named Mary, Pox and Honey.
  • Our dog's name is Bailey---which turns into bailey-kins, bay-bay, nugget, nugget burrito, nuggie, etc.

    Our cat is Lewis. But, often he is called Poo-is. Because he smells.
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  • Mom my had a cat named Catly, talk about

    Right now we have the two ratties, Angus Bangus and CoCo Chanel. I named CoCo and Fi named Angus. He looks like a cow, and that's how he got his name.

    My mom has 5 cats--

    Ricky (also FI's name)

  • Simba (bichon frise) :-)
  • I have a black lab named Daisy- when we adopted her we were going through a myriad of names in the car and when I said Daisy she sat up, I said it again and her tail wouldn't stop wagging; so Daisy it is!

    My bird is Freddie, she was already named when I got her from the vet.  She had a brother w/one leg named Candy but he is no longer w/us.  (Obviously the previous family had the boy and girl confused)

    Our orange tabby is Lee loo from the fifth element.  And our new chihuahua puppy is Jax.

    I have also had ferrets named Seuss and Elmo, and a chow/shephard mix named Lupe.
  • Leo is pretty normal, but when I was 4 we got a puppy that I got to name for some reason.  Bitsybuns.  Somehow I landed on Bitsybuns. Bits or Bitsy for short.
    Leo says hi. He's...special.
  • My cat's name is Monkey. He's the upside down kitty in my avatar.

    Taco cat: Always a palindrome. ALWAYS, okay J&K?

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  • cukimerrydollcukimerrydoll member
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    Cody, the dog.  He's a huge ham, I love him to pieces!

    Apollo, my orange tabby cat.  He's from my friend's litter (her roommate said her male cat was neutered).  He's my baby!  I claimed him when he was 2 days old - he'll be 2 years in May!

    Noodle, the turtle.  There was on ongoing joke that I had a snapping turtle named pasta living in my purse, so Noodle seemed like a perfect name for my little guy!

    Halo, FH's Maine Coon cat.  She's evil.  But she's really pretty.  When she moves in with me, my dog and cat are going to tag-team her so badly, that she won't know what happened.  But she's a bully with other pets, so we'll see what happens.

    Apollo and Cody like to snuggle together. Smile
  • My roomates and I had three fish named: Jose Cuervo, Captian Morgan and Jim Bean.  (Can you tell what our favorite activity was?)

    My FI and I have 3 pets now:
    Abby (tuxedo cat) that we also call Penguin
    Sasha (shih tzu) aka: sash b'gosh, blondie
    Neko (shih tzu) aka: mr grumpy

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  • The bourbon is actually called Jim Beam. I don't normally correct people, but this one thing drives me batty.
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  • We have a Doberman named Cleopatra, Cleo, or FI calls her Cleopatamus
    And our cat Tobie, Tobis, or Tobias. Depending on mood.
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  • Black Lab named Sam

    and two kitties who live with my ex but I still consider part mine
    Penny Lane and Jack Bauer
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  • Growing up we had all cats (and a dog named Muffin):
    Coupledays. My brother called her Buckle Days.
    Sheba came to us with that name. We called her Nurse Sheba or Shebs.
    Sassbox. Mom said she was like a box of sass.
    Po'corn. Pronounced like Popcorn without the second p. Because she hopped instead of walked. And was white.
    Murphy. Called Babo, Baby Kitty, Boy Kitty, Naughty Murphy, Murphasaurus, Murph.
    Toby & Sophie. Just thought the names were cute. Toby was huge so I called him Living Pillow. Sophie was Soph-Soph or Sophie-the-Frog. No idea why frog.
    Scruffy. My little brother and I made up a "bad invisible kitty" named Scruffy. When we got a kitten and he kept doing bad things like knocking over soda for no reason, he got the name.

    My roommate had: Bagheera, Bastet, Cleopatra, Apollo, Simbi, and Luna. When I moved out, I took Luna with me and changed her name to Bella.

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    Janobean, I had a Sheba (aka shaba rank) too growing up!! She was a husky/shepard that no one wanted and my mom got for $50 dollars!
    We have the same wedding date btw!
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