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I need some help from all of you...I'm sure this has been addressed before, but short of looking through a bunch of posts I can't find it.
The background-FI is from a VERY large family (he has 14 siblings) and he is one of the youngest so he has nieces and nephews who are older than he is, and therefore there are great-nieces and nephews.  So, in an effort to keep our numbers where we needed to, we invited all his siblings and their children (nieces and nephews).  We did not invite great nieces and great nephews.  I very carefully addressed our invitations to show this. 
The present-We are starting to get our RSVP cards back and one of his nieces included her 2 children in the numbers. 
The question-How do we very kindly and properly contact her to let her know that her children are not included?  I don't feel like we can let this slide...we are already close on numbers, and letting her bring her children (who are old enough to stay home alone) opens the door for a lot of others that we again, just don't have room for.

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